What to expect

Our physical therapy, speech/language therapy, and occupational therapy evaluations incorporate toys, games, and kid friendly activities. The therapist will discuss your concerns, your goals, and your child’s case history (e.g. developmental milestones) during your initial visit. The therapist will observe your child during play and during structured activities that look at specific skills. Based on your child’s age, ability, and comfort level, parents may be asked to separate from their child during parts of the evaluation and/or treatment and wait in the waiting room. Often, a standardized test will be administered that will compare your child’s skills with the skills of other children that are the same age. At the end of the evaluation (and often during the evaluation), the therapist will discuss the skills and areas of need that she is observing during the evaluation and determine if therapy is warranted. Following the evaluation, your therapist will write a report, formulate goals, and establish a plan of care that will be shared with your child’s doctor and parents (if desired).

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Please bring the following with you to your child’s evaluation:

  • Registration form (Download HERE)
  • Insurance card(s)
  • ID/drivers license
  • Reports or school paperwork (e.g. IEP, 504 Plan) or related therapy or evaluations in the past

For speech/language evaluation:

  • Toy and/or snack that will help your child feel comfortable during the evaluation.

Make an appointment

Contact us at 517-333-8533 to set up an evaluation. We will collect some basic information, including your insurance information so that our billing office can determine if therapeutic coverage is offered through your health insurance. If you do not have coverage for therapy services, private pay options are available (link to private pay pricing).

Call your child’s primary care physician to request a prescription for evaluation and treatment. If you need help with how to make this request, please contact us. A prescription for therapy services is required for insurance purposes. We strongly recommend calling your insurance to determine co-payments and/or deductibles that may apply.

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