25 Nov 2014
November 25, 2014

Holiday Fine Motor Activity

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Playdough & Bead Christmas Trees

This Christmas season, get your kiddos involved in a fun fine motor playdough activity. This is an excellent way to help develop fine motor skills that can also be extended into a math activity.


  • Large batch of green playdough
  • Christmas tree cookie cutters
  • Pony beads
  • Rolling pin

Step One

Gather your supplies. Place beads in a small bowl, roll playdough into a round ball to make it easier for your child to roll using rolling pin.

TIP: Get creative with different colored playdough or cookie cutters


Step 2

Start by rolling the playdough into 1-2 inch thick sections. Use cookie cutters to make the Christmas Trees.

TIP: Create patterns or rows for a visual motor challenge


Step 3

Encourage pushing the beads into the playdough with all fingers. When done, ask child to count the number of beads, remove and place back into bowl.

TIP: Use tweezers to remove beads and place on tree for added challenge

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